A Password Manager for Enhanced Cybersecurity

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You have all your passwords written on a piece of paper in the drawer next to you. You have all your passwords in a spreadsheet that is located on your desktop. You use the same password for every site. Or maybe you are extra secure because you change the numbers at the end of your password on each site?

Sound familiar?

Have you ever had a friend on Facebook get “hacked”? Well, they probably didn’t get hacked, in the most sophisticated sense of the word. They probably just used the same password on many different sites and one of those sites did get hacked. The site under question probably didn’t store user passwords in a secure manner, so your friend’s password was divulged to the bad actor. The bad actor then “sprays” this password around to many popular websites and they find that your friend’s password also works on Facebook.

Nowadays, there are programs out there than can help you with this – password managers. I’ve used multiple different password managers over the years, and I keep coming back to 1Password. With 1Password, you can create a single, secure password and use it to log into everything under the sun. No more storing passwords in an Excel spreadsheet. No more writing them all down and keeping them in your wallet. Put them all in 1Password, and then use your master password as a key to everything. Just make sure the master password is a large, secure password and don’t share it, write it down, or use it anywhere else.

But that’s not all that a password manager can do. I also use it to store identification information, credit cards, bank account information, SSH keys, API keys, etc.

Now, let’s say you’re a business owner or a team leader. It doesn’t matter the size of the company – a password manager can drastically enhance your cybersecurity. It allows teams to create and share strong, unique passwords across the organization. 1Password can be integrated with active directory, SSO, Slack, etc. It alleviates problems that have plagued businesses for decades in a simple and seamless manner. After all, leaked credentials are one of the main ways that organizations get breached.

Do you need some help or advice when it comes to setting up a password manager for your company? Do you need a penetration test that focuses on finding leaked credentials that could harm your organization? Please, do not hesitate to reach out to Brackish. We can help make you more secure.