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In the modern world, every organization, from quaint Mom and Pop shops to Fortune 100 giants, operates as a tech company. Whether it’s maintaining a website, managing servers, or juggling various other digital assets, the technological footprint of businesses is undeniable. But with this digital expansion comes the critical question: how can you effectively secure your ever-expanding online presence?

Enter Brackish Security. At Brackish, we leverage decades of penetration testing experience and our award-winning prowess in bug bounty hunting to offer unparalleled security services. Our seasoned expertise means we don’t just understand digital threats—we’re steps ahead of them.

Our latest tool is Pincher, a bespoke, cutting-edge tool in attack surface management. Pincher is the heart of our continuous penetration testing approach, offering you the peace of mind that your digital assets remain secure under our vigilant watch. It’s not just a monitoring tool; Pincher proactively scans your assets to unearth new hosts, services, and potential vulnerabilities, including sensitive files and secrets. What sets Pincher apart is its integration of Artificial Intelligence, providing deep insights into your digital landscape and actionable recommendations to bolster your security.

Our commitment to your security doesn’t end at detection. When Pincher flags an issue, our team of expert testers steps in. Available 24/7, they swiftly validate and assess the severity of the threat, ensuring that your operations remain secure at all hours.

Despite being in very early stages of testing, Pincher is available at minimal cost to a select group of customers. This is your opportunity to experience state-of-the-art security management, backed by a team that has not just witnessed the evolution of cybersecurity but has actively shaped it. With Brackish Security, rest assured that your assets are in the most capable hands. If you’re interested in testing our tool, please reach out to us for a demo!