Be Proactive, Not Reactive

We stay busy here at Brackish Security, LLC. We are constantly engaged in independent cybersecurity research and study, which has resulted in our team reporting a large amount of highly impactful vulnerabilities. Our team is frequently developing novel detections and scanning methods and utilizing them to detect issues and inform affected organizations. That way they can fix the issues before the bad guys find them.

Have We Contacted You?

As mentioned, we believe in a proactive approach to security. After all, if you’ve been breached it is too late. If we have reached out to you, we have determined that your organization is susceptible to a high-risk issue that should be resolved quickly. We don’t believe in wasting our time or yours.

What Are We Working On?

We are currently focused on web application security, mobile application security, and IoT security. However, we have experience with and enjoy all facets of offensive cybersecurity. Please see our blog for some of our latest findings. Please note that not all findings can and will be publicly disclosed.