Shodan Series Part 2: The Untraditional Web Ports

Our goal of this series is to revisit Shodan and demonstrate to IT admins and business owners, how much an attacker can glean of a network without sending any packets to the actual to an organization. Our last post focused on Remote Desktop Protocol being exposed to the publicly accessible internet: This week we

Guarding the Digital Front Door: The External Penetration Test

The demand and pressure for penetration testing services are growing every day – ethical hackers are racing to find all the vulnerabilities before the not so ethical ones do. The subject of penetration testing has expanded and deepened, with each specific area, whether web application, IoT, wireless, or even mobile, carrying significant importance. Arguably, the

OWASP Top Ten – Identification and Authentication Failures

Identification and Authentication Failures Today we will cover Identification and Authentication Failures in our series on the OWASP Top Ten. Online security has become a crucial aspect of modern life. Today, every business is a tech business, and it becomes increasingly important to ensure that sensitive data and information are protected from unauthorized access. One