JavaScript Source Map Vulnerabilities

What is a JavaScript source map file? Source map files map the transformed, minified, or compiled code back to the original source code, and they can often be found exposed publicly in web applications. This is particularly useful for debugging because it allows developers to view and step through the original source code even when

Local Administrator Accounts

Local administrator accounts are commonly used in Active Directory/internal networks to manage individual computers. These accounts have full control over the local computer, which can be a security risk if used carelessly. The use of local administrator accounts should be minimized to reduce the potential security vulnerabilities they pose to the network. One of the

A Password Manager for Enhanced Cybersecurity

You have all your passwords written on a piece of paper in the drawer next to you. You have all your passwords in a spreadsheet that is located on your desktop. You use the same password for every site. Or maybe you are extra secure because you change the numbers at the end of your